After several years and variations of 'unofficial' logos for the International Firebringer Appreciation Society, the society now proudly announces what we fervently hope will be its lasting image.

Previous versions of the logo included some pretty wild graphics, including glistening metallic text, rainbow gradients, inspiration from the Swedish Birth of the Firebringer Trilogy cover, caricatures of the Trilogy's characters, and numerous photo manipulations. The problem with these previous logos is that the society and its home have changed drastically since its birth in 1997, and with that, the underlying message of the Vale has shifted somewhat as well.

So, while the topic had been discussed numerous times previously, work began in earnest early in 2008 to create a logo for IFAS. Site staff discussed the Society's purpose and message, as well as how staff and members alike perceived the Vale community. With this in mind, Losmios, Scylla, and other members of the staff went to their respective drawing boards to produce concept sketches based on the presented ideas.

Towards the middle of the year, Losmios presented a concept logo that was a composite of the most likely candidates. That concept was to become the base of the current and final IFAS logo. It took many more months to decide on colors and fonts, but what you see at right is the finished product.

A New Purpose for the Vale

The IFAS logo was intended to symbolize everything that is important to staff and members about the Society without infringing on the copyrighted characters of the Firebringer Trilogy. Some of the initial color ideas included black, pink, and yellow unicorns, but were ultimately discarded due to this concern, among others.

Of course, what would an IFAS logo be without unicorns? Blue is a common coat color among the unicorns in the Firebringer Trilogy, and together the three leaping unicorns in blue present the idea of community, action and common purpose, while still encouraging diversity in the varying shades of blue. The flames below the leaping unicorns draws on the overarching theme of fire throughout the novels as a symbol of inspiration, courage, and change.